Kintukka nature and recreational services offer guided hikes for groups to local nature sites and cultural sites.

A forest experience for all the senses

During the forest hike, a trained instructor teaches about the well-being benefits of forests and leads participants in trying out different sensory ‘forest immersion’ exercises


Alkkia auxillary prison and prisoner-of-war camp

Alkkia has changed dramatically from a bog to fields and finally forests – from a quiet village to a community of hundreds and back again. Come witness the transformation with your own eyes!


Explore peatlands

Peatlands have been mysterious places and the subject of many beliefs and stories. Take a trip with your family or friends to experience what a bog is truly about!


Follow in the doctor's footsteps and try your hand at forest research

Explore the profession of a forest researcher and the wonderful world of trees with a real PhD. Take the chance to walk in the shoes of a scientist!


History tour with a lakeside view at Kaidatvedet

Come to the Parkano Forestry Museum to experience history and natural beauty as you travel the historic Kyrönkangas winter road. This trip will be one to remember!


Local heritage walk in historic Parkano

Over time, new has replaced old in the centre of Parkano, and even the town’s commercial centre has slowly shifted elsewhere. Come and see the Baron’s Town in Parkano!


Mysteries of a primeval forest

By visiting a primeval forest, a natural gym for the body and mind, you can discover your potential and deepen your nature experience. Feel the empowering effect of nature!


A trip to the ancient seashore at Alkkianvuori

On the Alkkianvuori Mountain nature trail, you can experience a dramatic and rugged landscape located along the borders of a watershed; a place where coastal cobble deposits and slope marshes...


Our life with trees

Trees have been a source of livelihood, health, beauty, and joy forever. Deepen your knowledge of nature and get to know our tree species!


The story of forests at Hämeenkangas

During the hiking excursion, the guide describes and explains the area’s geology, cultural history, forest use and ownership over the centuries, as well as the ecology of dry and rugged peaty...