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Nature has always been a big thing for me, ever since I was little. The most memorable memories of many of my nature trips are spending the night in peat bogs by a salt pond and being introduced to the paradise-like atmosphere of Lapland's reddish-brown colours.

It was very natural that my hobby of nature led me to study natural sciences and I found a bread-and-butter job as a bog and forest researcher. From these roots and my love for my region, I was inspired to set up a business, the core of which is based on the well-being of nature and the intangible cultural heritage of my region.

Nature has been a source of inspiration, creativity and energy for me. It has often provided me with answers to puzzling questions and new insights. I have learned that wisdom and power live in the forest and that everything in nature is one and the same energy. In the forest, my emotions have opened up and I have learned to recognise and deal with my feelings. Nature has also taught me to enjoy the beauty of nature and its diversity in all its details. My strong relationship with nature also led me to cross boundaries in my career.

We all need to feel a connection with nature, which is our true home. Everyone's relationship with nature is unique and special and needs to be nurtured and strengthened.

As an entrepreneur, I want to draw on my personal experience and my extensive knowledge of nature and local history to offer my clients guided tours that are experiential, relaxing and nature-enhancing, with a dash of researched knowledge.

A diverse and functional connection to nature is the basis of both our well-being and our health.