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Many reasons to go on a nature trip

The physical and mental well-being benefits of nature include:

  • lower levels of stress hormones and muscle tension

  • Improves recovery and sleep quality

  • restores blood circulation

  • reduces blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate

  • microbes protect against allergies and autoimmune diseases

  • the diversity of nature supports human health in a holistic way

The social welfare benefits of nature include:

  • Clearer thinking, greater distance from worries and concerns

  • helps to face and deal with life's problems

  • Being in nature and seeing nature helps to alleviate feelings of pain

  • helps to improve attention, concentration and memory

  • increases positive emotions, calms the mind and reduces anxiety

  • improve creativity, problem solving and alertness

  • natural environments increase social capital, community and empowerment

  • people in nature seem to have more positive attitudes towards other people

  • interaction between different groups is easier in natural environments

  • activates physical activity

  • increases social bonds and community spirit

The well-being benefits of nature-based physical activity include:

  • improving self-esteem and mood

  • revitalises and increases energy

  • increases self-esteem and motivation, boosts energy and motivation, and reduces tension, confusion, anger and depression.

  • maintains and improves balance and joint mobility

  • better tolerance to stress in nature

  • exercise in nature brings greater enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction

  • exercise in nature feels less like a chore

  • more positive engagement and desire to continue exercising