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Mysteries of a primeval forest


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Numerous scientific studies home and abroad have proven how vital forests and biodiversity are for people’s health and happiness. The natural environment has both short-term health benefits and long-term effects on health and happiness. The proven results of modern research are now increasingly used by our social and healthcare services. The guided tour will take you to the enchanting primeval forest of Multiharju in the Seitseminen national park to learn about the beneficial effects of forest nature on health and happiness. The tour starts from the state forest cabin of Kovero, where the guide will recount the story of Kovero and the development of health and welfare research in the past two decades. The tour will then continue with a leisurely walk from Kovero to the forest nature reserve of Multiharju and back (total 5 km), including explanations about the effects of nature on health and happiness and well-being and Forest Mind method exercises. By visiting what is a natural gym for the body and mind, you can discover your potential and deepen your nature experience.

Price: Basic price € 125 + € 15 per person. Price includes VAT 24 %.

Group size: 1-15 persons

Duration: 3 hours