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A forest experience for all the senses


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Did you know that research has shown that spending 10 minutes in a forest is enough to lower one’s blood pressure. One’s mood is improved after 20 minutes, attentiveness increases after an hour, and after two hours your body’s immune system is boosted.

During the forest hike, a trained instructor teaches about the well-being benefits of forests and leads participants in trying out different sensory ‘forest immersion’ exercises. This forest immersion technique has been developed through decades of coaching experience. It is strongly rooted in knowledge obtained through research from environmental psychology and the behavioural sciences.

The ‘forest experience for all the senses’ is suitable for carrying out in any peaceful forest locations, such as national park

Price: Basic price € 125 + € 15 / person. The price includes VAT at 24 %.

Max. group size 15 people.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours.