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Experience accommodation
€80.00 / d


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Why settle for the usual way to stay when you also have a memorable, experiential accommodation option. At SyVilla in Parkano Kovesjärvi, you can experience a unique experience by sleeping in a tree house strung between the trees. When you stay in a Tentsile tree house, you don't have to worry about uneven ground or dampness, as the tent is suspended in the air between the trees. Because the tent stays in the air, you don't have to worry about animals and bugs on the ground, for example. A transparent insect net is permanently attached over the bottom part of the shelter and a removable, separate rain fly over the whole thing.

During the summer season, there is one double Tentsile connect wooden shelter and two shelters from the SyVilla shore forestry park on Lake Kovesjärvi's Pikkusaari. We can also provide you with sleeping pads and sleeping bags for hire.

Price: € 80/night7two persons